Daniel Studer



Eichenberger-Studer: Suspended

Markus Eichenberger, cl, bcl
Daniel Studer, b

Recorded 9-10 December 2016 , 2015 at Studio 1, Radio SRF2, Zürich.
Recorded and mixed by Martin Pearson.
CD-master by Peter Pfister.
Liner Notes by Art Lange
Graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.
Produced by Peter Bürli for Radio SRF2 and Eichenberger-Studer.
Executive production by Bernhard “Benne” Vischer; Christian C. Dalucas & Werner X. Uehlinger.

label: HatHut Records, hatOLOGY 748, 2018

walking harshly, 4:17
glancing loudly, 5:15

order: info@danielstuder.ch, HatHut Records.

liner notes:

Improvisation assumes a fresh experience, an unfamiliarity with what is to come, a disruption of expectations. How much more intense and disorienting the experience becomes in the music of Markus Eichenberger and Daniel Studer. Each one has an impressive résumé of musical adventures, but as a duo their music expresses special qualities and asks challenging questions. Suspended offers no customary structures, no consistent prototypes; the titles are not instruc- tions, illustrations, or explanations. Manipulating an abstract dialect of sounds, many of them in the grey area between recognizable pitch and expressive noise, they initiate a system of relationships that allows – requires – the listener to participate in the spontaneous search for meaning.(excerpt)
Art Lange
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cd reviews:

…Overall, it's an endeavor linked with bursts of firepower and ever-so-subtle musings to instill a variety of unlikely contrasts and highly experimental discourses.
Glenn Astarita, AllAboutJazz 2018

Les Suisses Markus Eichenberger (clarinette en si, clarinette basse) et Daniel Studer (contrebasse) forment depuis huit ans un duo dont l'exigence musicale est servie par une maîtrise instrumentale parfaite, doublée d'une écoute mutuelle à la qualité rare. Musique de chambre exigeante, les sept titres dont est composé Suspended (qui forment, de facto, une suite) voient, au souffle du clarinettiste, répondre le geste parfait de la main ou à l'archet, du bassiste. On avance ici dans un espace vaste, mais traversé sur la pointe des pieds et à la merci du moindre défaut d'attention de l'un ou l'autre. Capté en studio, Suspended porte bien son titre: la musique, dans son surgissement, semble y tenir miraculeusement en équilibre.
LeVif 2018

…Suspended est un modèle qui refuse de suivre un itinéraire balisé et détermine son esthétique et ses ambitions au fil des secondes. Vive l’improvisation libre !
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Orynx 2018

Familiarity and its inverse foreign intrigue are concepts integral to Suspended, a timely aural document of the musical partnership between Swiss clarinetist Markus Eichenberger and his countryman/colleague bassist Daniel Studer.…"
Derek Taylor, Dusted Magazine 2018

…Gem-hard and never overstepping extremes of noise, pitch or rhythm, this disc by two veteran Swiss players still manages to attain its un-inflated goals without fracturing linear motion.… radical and refreshing, the CD’s tracks’ underlying tonality speaks to the duo’s skills and like the final title states, suggests newer elaborations to come."
Ken Waxman, Jazzword 2018

„… Hier geht es nicht um ein Fliessen der Musik, sondern um Momente, die einander im zurückhaltenden, feinen Dialog, in einer fast zärtlichen Sprache gegenübergestellt werden. Immer wieder gibt es in den Stücken Augenblicke der absoluten Stille. Die beiden Musiker finden sich wie in einem gemeinsamen Atem, wie in einer Expressivität grösster Disziplin. Hier entsteht ein magischer Raum, dem sich der – vor allem gestrichene – Bass und die Klarinette hingeben und den sie sich gegenseitig lassen. Nicht das Laute steht im Mittelpunkt, sondern, jedenfalls zumeist, das Zarte, Ungewohnte. Denn beide Musiker begnügen sich – ganz ihrem musikalischen Naturell entsprechend – nicht mit gewöhnlichen Klängen, sondern loten die Palette unorthodoxer Möglichkeiten ihrer Instrumente auf künstlerisch hohem Niveau und ganz zu unserem Vergnügen aus.“
Steff Rohrbach, Jazz'n'more, 2018

It’s a very clear work with a single-minded approach, consistent throughout and engrossing without being challenging. The Hat Hut label is releasing some very fine bits of experimental modern music, nicely if slightly modestly presented as CDs in slim gatefold card sleeves (that won’t take up a lot of space on your shelf!) and this is another quality example.
Stuart Bruce, Chain D.L.K., 2018

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