Daniel Studer



20 years of Kontrabassduo Studer-Frey: Zeit

Peter K Frey b
Daniel Studer b, electr.
Jürg Frey cl, bcl
Alfred Zimmerlin vcl

All works by Peter K Frey and Daniel Studer (SUISA)

home recordings by Studer-Frey, 2018; recorded live at "Rote Fabrik" Zurich, 2004;
recorded at Studio 2, Radio SRF2 Kultur Zurich, by Ron Kurz, 2004; recorded at Tramwerkstatt Zurich by Studer-Frey, 2007.
sound engineer: Ron Kurz
liner notes: Giancarlo Schiaffini
Translation by Judith Blumenthal
Produced by Studer-Frey & Leo Feigin
grafic design/ art work: Lora Denis
label: Leo Records, LR , 2019

praeludium, 2018, 2:53
pars prima (with Jürg Frey and Alfred Zimmerlin), 2004, 4:17

order: info@studer-frey.ch

liner notes:

…20 years of working together is an important anniversary; it almost seems to allude to marriage. In this case, however, it is not referring to a life in matrimony but to a creative teamwork that has continuously developed and grown over time. The Kontrabassduo Studer–Frey has been active for practically a generation and (gladly) does not seem to want to step back and retire. The opposite is true; it continues to produce and project new musical situations.
The CD is practically a “suite” of music, with alternating pieces for duo and for quartet. The planning of the musical sequence has been very accurate so that the CD, as a whole, comes over as one composition without any problem.
…its expression is remarkably dense and reveals a strong interaction between the two performers. Interaction is one of the characteristics that is always present…
I will now come to a close – with a rather untechnical, but heartfelt comment which came spontaneously (and was later reconfirmed) when I first listened to the music: “È un CD MOLTO BELLO E INTERESSANTE!”

Giancarlo Schiaffini

cd reviews:

À l’écoute, on a l’impression d’une évolution organique, d’une suite enchaînée avec une forme à la fois logique et poétique. … L’auditeur est plus qu’entraîné dans un rêve éveillé ou une sieste méditative, il est invité à se retourner, à ouvrir l’œil et à interrompre le rythme de sa promenade tout en maintenant la continuité d’une écoute active.
Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, 2019 (orynx-improvandsounds.blogspot.com)

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