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Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin Electric Trio: Black Forest Diary

Harald Kimmig, electric violin and electronics
Daniel Studer, electric double bass
Alfred Zimmerlin, electric cello and electronics

All tracks recorded at MPS Studio Villingen, December 2022, by Frank Baumann.
Mixed and mastered by Alex Huber.
Liner Notes by Jacques Demierre.
Cover art and design by Paula Troxler and Kleon.
Produced by Wide Ear Records and Trio KSZ.

label: Wide Ear Records, WER 074, 2024

entry five, 7:50
entry three, 7:16

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liner notes:

Will anyone shout "Judas!" when listening to the new Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin Electric Trio, like the spectator heard on The "Royal Albert Hall" Concert, the double live album of Bob Dylan's controversial performance in Manchester in May 1966? Interrupted during the resolutely electric second half of the concert, the singer's reaction was unequivocal: "Play It Fuckin' Loud!" he shouted to the accompanying musicians from The Hawks.
Today, in a different context, the KSZ trio takes up the electrification challenge. Their latest CD, Black Forest Diary, sounds like a true statement of artistic independence. Admired for the singularity of their acoustic approach to sound, the trio unveils here a gestural and instrumental space that makes use of amplification, but is above all totally electrified. Transducers and effects pedals progressively unfold a multi-dimensional space, a 360-degree music, where our perception is constantly called into question: we are sometimes in front of the sound, sometimes above it, sometimes below it, sometimes in total immersion. The intimate and the faraway coexist, the urban superimposed on vast wilderness, the history of sound and its geography infinitely diffracted. With a rare common spirit, the musicians of the Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin Electric Trio accurately trace the current contours of a new Arte dei Rumori.

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