Daniel Studer



Streichtrio Coen-Penazzi-Studer

Massimo Coen (vl)
Bernardino Penazzi (vc)
Daniel Studer (b)

Er-Innern, 12:42
Controindicazioni 94, 21:51


Anyone thinking that a string trio cannot be an exhausting, exhilarating experience should spin a few tracks of Drei Bilder. Mixing annotated symbolism with extended technique and exploratory improvisation, Coen's violin, Penazzi's cello, and Studer's bass produce a shocking array of scratches, melodic intrusions, and shimmering beauty in this smorgasbord of genre-bashing ... Streichtrio merges new classical with wicked freedom to produce a masterpiece of undeniable consistency and attraction ... Curiously, Streichtrio more than most "third stream" offerings, dishes a seemingly naturally evolving connection between the classical and improvisational worlds. The meld on this recording makes sense, and one wonders what bold new step this evolution may take.
Steven A. Loewy, Cadence, 1998

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