Daniel Studer



Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin: Im Hellen

Harald Kimmig, vl
Daniel Studer, b
Alfred Zimmerlin, vc

Recorded July 11–12, 2015 at Studio 1, Radio SRF2, Zürich.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michaela Wiesbeck.
CD-master by Peter Pfister.
Liner Notes by by Andy Hamilton.
Titels of the works by Annette Pehnt.
Graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.
Produced by Peter Bürli for Radio SRF2 and Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin.
Executive production by Bernhard “Benne” Vischer; Christian C. Dalucas & Werner X. Uehlinger.

label: HatHut Records, hat[now]ART 201, 2017

order: info@danielstuder.ch, HatHut Records.

liner notes:

From the beginnings of free improvisation in the 1960s, proponents subjected their instruments to unprecedented interro- gation, in pursuit of the instrumental impulse. This is shown in the work of Swiss-German trio Kimmig–Studer–Zimmerlin: Harald Kimmig (violin), Daniel Studer (bass) and Alfred Zimmerlin (cello). On this recording, the instrumental impulse is exuberantly expressed, in what Studer prefers to call “improvisation without any prefixed compositional tool”. The trio pull, grab and smack their strings, scratching and striking the body of the instrument, using it as a resonator. These are not mere “extended techniques”. Andy Hamilton, 2017

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