Daniel Studer



Fetzen Fliegen
bass solo with video

Daniel Studer, music, double bass
Lisa Böffgen, video
Ron Kurz, sound design

duration: ca 60 minutes

binaural for headphones, 2021, 39:51
stereo, 2021, 39:51

music and video: first part, 2021

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The idea of "Fetzen Fliegen" is a blowing up of the acoustic and visual space. Materials, phrases, textures, surfaces, silence emerge as fragments ("Fetzen"), combine into a collaged whole. A "stream of consciousness" in which sounds and associated playing techniques of the double bass are explored sonically and spatially.
The video artist Lisa Böffgen visually scans the surfaces of the double bass and composes an independent layer.
CD and downloads (stereo and binaural mix, with and without video) will be released by "Wide Eear Records" in spring 2022.

Two versions are intended as performances:
- traditional bass solo concert.
- space installation with Lisa Böffgen (video) and Ron Kurz (sounddesign):
The traditional frontal concert is suspended. The audience moves freely in the fictitious sound space of the double bass and a visual labyrinth. The double bass is picked up by different microphones that are assigned to 8 loudspeakers. The performance space becomes a distorted and broken up double bass corpus.
Pre-recorded surface images of the instrument are projected onto the walls and transparent materials. A kind of image DJ constructs the visual layer on site that interlocks with the live performance.

Performances and CD release:

05.04.2022, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30, Kunstraum Walchetrum, Kanonengasse 20, Zürich (www.walcheturm.ch)
06.04.2022, 19:30, 20:30, 21:30, Kunstraum Walchetrum, Kanonengasse 20, Zürich (www.walcheturm.ch)

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